• 11 - 06 - 18
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    Freda Girl


    How do you define perfection?

    LG: I think total perfection is boring. I find so much beauty in the imperfections.

    RS: I don’t know that I can define it! Perfection can be everything around you and nothing at all at the same time; it’s complicated. On one hand, the quest to perfect (say in your work or at a skill) can be a major internal driver and motivator to evolve, grow and push yourself to new territory and accomplishments — which be incredibly rewarding; on the other hand, striving to “be perfect” (as in your body) can be incredibly unhealthy. We are all perfect in our own ways; we shouldn’t have to live in a world where there is pressure to change the things that make us, us.

    KK: I think most people say that nothing is perfect and I would probably agree…but then I look at my children’s faces and they really are absolutely perfect.

    What are you most proud of?

    LG: My creative journey. I’ve lived many creative lives. From the advertising world, to the food world, to the jewelry world. I’m proud that I’m always open to a new path, learning & evolving.

    RS: I’m most proud of the last 5 years running my company while also navigating parenthood as a new mom. There are no training grounds in your pre-kid career for how to handle career ambition and having a family at the same time. I’m proud of all the work, day in and day out, that has gone into both. There have been a lot of dark days (and nights), wondering what the hell I’m doing and if my company or my kids are getting what they need–and I’m proud of myself for persevering through it all, finding new perspectives and new ways forward (as uncomfortable as they may be sometimes!) because I truly love both these aspects of my life.

    KK: I feel the most proud when I work really really hard. Whether it’s on a styling job or teaching my three kids to ski. When I stop at the end of a long day and reflect and I realize I did it all with a positive attitude too.

    What advice would you give to your younger self or a young girl today?

    LG: When I was younger I was consumed trying to blend in and be like everyone else. If I could go back in time, I would encourage myself to nurture what made me different, not what made me the same.

    RS: Bring kindness, confidence and an open mind to the table, always. Kindness for building a true community, confidence for knowing and offering your strengths, and an open mind to embrace new perspectives.

    KK: That you have the ability to change and grow. As I’ve grown older I realize I have much more of an ability to direct my life than I realize.

    What do you love about yourself?

    LS: My optimism. It wakes me up every morning and tucks me in at night.

    RS: My optimism and my freckles!

    KK: I get a lot of joy from my love of thrifting. I appreciate the beauty in something that not everyone might first see. I also think I missed my calling as a foot model, my feet are pretty cute.