• 02 - 06 - 18
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    Freda Girl

    FREDA Girl: Katie Hintz Zambrano


    We recently caught up with some of our ‘original’ FREDA Girls to see where they are today and how FREDA continues to fit into their daily lives.  Since their initial feature some have become mothers, some have launched businesses, but all continue to inspire.

    We’d like to re-introduce Katie Hintz Zambrano: Co-Founder of Mother Mag and newly launched In Good Company. See her original FREDA Girl post here.

    We met Katie when she was the Fashion Editor of Refinery 29.  She interviewed us and did a feature on our launch that helped put us on the map. Since then Katie has co-founded Mother Mag, an online resource for all things Mom/Kids, founded In Good Company, an uber successful conference focused on working moms, co-founded Cool Moms Club, a San Francisco based moms club with close to 400 members, and continues to be the gel that holds the nucleus of what’s cool in San Francisco together. We caught up casually with Katie to see how FRĒDA works into her daily routine.  She is a total bad ass and we love her.  See Q&A below.

    Photographs by Emily Scott.

    Briefly describe your personal style.

    I love unexpected prints and colors and always reach for them first when shopping. The large majority of my closet is ‘thrifted or gifted’—I love to hit places like Crossroads or scour resell apps like TheRealReal in order to score deals, and I’m very lucky to have a number of indie designer friends who send me beautiful items from time to time that feel super personal. I have a rather large collection of long dresses and jumpsuits, and of course my FREDAs—I now own 15 pairs! My secret style icons are women like Maya Jankelowitz of Jack’s Wife Freda, Adele Tetangco of Garmentory, Clare Vivier of Clare V., and both Megan and Cristina of FREDA—I love how they all play with color, proportion, and layering, and you can tell they are having fun with fashion.

    When did you first discover FREDA?

    I believe it was late 2011 or very early 2012 when I first discovered FREDA. I was scanning WWD headlines for anything San Francisco-related, since I was the San Francisco Editor of Refinery29.com at the time. I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across such a cool shoe line coming out of the city! I quickly Googled the brand and saw how beautiful and stylish the designers behind the label were and I emailed through their ‘Contact’ page immediately to get a profile for Refinery29 set up. I think that early profile, published in February 2012, was probably one of the first larger pieces of press you guys had.

    Do you have a favorite FREDA style?

    This is a hard one! As I mentioned, I have 15 pairs now, so I usually have a few favorites in rotation at a time. For a long time it was the WIT D’Orsay oxford and the SEE loafer studded with Swarovski crystals. At the moment I’m wearing my brand-new SOULs, my leopard-print loafers from Season 1, and my silver KEEN slide-ons, which my son picked out for me at The Podolls shop. I don’t think I would have picked a metallic shoe out myself, but once he forced me to try them on (he loves all things ‘shiny’…because Moana!), and I was obsessed!

    How does FREDA fit into your daily life?

    Seamlessly. I love how a pair of FREDA shoes instantly upgrades my outfit, but I don’t have to sacrifice comfort to get that style.

    Where is the most interesting place you have worn your FREDA’s?

    I’ve worn FREDAs to so many special events in my life—probably every single Mothermag.com anniversary party, as well as at the VIP dinner and cocktail reception to kick off my In Good Company conference this past September. Those are all such special, emotional, festive occasions and it’s wonderful to have something made by lady boss friends on my feet. I know I was wearing them the night before I gave birth to my son, too. I can’t remember if I wore them to and from the hospital—it’s all such a blur—but I wouldn’t rule it out!

    Fill in the blanks:

    I wear my FREDA’s when: I go to daytime meetings, evening events, museums, playgrounds, preschool pick-up and drop-off, kiddie birthday parties, and everywhere in-between.

    I wear my FREDA’s with my: Black Crane flannel jumpsuit.

    With my FREDA’s I could: Go pretty much anywhere and do pretty much anything!

    I think FREDA Girls are bad ass because: They’re doing amazing things while wearing these pavement-pounding shoes.

    One thing I am doing to help make a difference in this world is: running a conference and a website that supports women and mothers.