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    Freda Girl

    FREDA Girl: Lauren Williams


    Lauren Williams is a self taught artist based in Austin, Texas by way of Los Angeles. Lauren creates large scale fiber art and calls her one of a kind pieces #CANVASWITHMOVEMENT – They are formed by around 400-600 hand dyed fiber strands. Lauren and her team launch monthly collections of art which sell out within minutes. We are so impressed by and inspired by this mother, wife, designer, and businesswoman.  Continue reading below to see why!

    As a self-taught painter, how did you develop your signature dip and dye style? What is your creative process from start to finish?

    After moving into a rental home with a large blank wall over 5 years ago, I knew I wanted a large piece of art for the room, but my budget for art and my taste for art didn’t seem to line up. So, my typical response to budget restraints is to make it myself! Instead of buying a large canvas to paint something, I wanted to create a piece of art that had dimension and texture. I wandered the isles of a hardware store and came up with the idea of attaching strands of yarn to a wooden dowel, to create a sort of canvas out of individual strands. Once my “canvas” was built, I used dye instead of paints to create a design. This was my first “canvas with movement” art piece and I have made over 1,000 pieces since then. I use paint, dye, beads, metallic embellishments and anything that will stain fiber strands to get the color and design that I am looking to achieve. I developed my techniques and style through creating. Each piece has taught me something new and has introduced a different challenge for me to overcome. It’s not a simple art form and if I’m not careful, it can make me super frustrated. I have learned over the years to allow each piece to be its own work and not try to make it something it doesn’t want to be. It has become a very therapeutic form of creative expression for me.



    Tell us about your big break. What do you identify as the turning point?

    Since creating my first piece 5 years ago, to working on a commission just this morning, I have been consistent with growth. The business seems to be very steady and gradual in terms of growth and sales. Some months it may feel faster and better than others, but overall, the last year of being full-time and focused on growing the brand and the art has had the most amazing incline! I have very high standards of myself and my artwork, so maintaining the quality of each piece that I send out has inspired my clients to share my work with others, I think. I was recently featured among 4 other artists from around the world in Interior Design Magazine, as redefining art forms, and that felt like such a compliment and one of the biggest achievements!




    How do you stay balanced raising a family and booming business?

    This has been a major struggle up until lately, actually. I finally decided that I needed to reprioritize. I was spending most of my time on work, then fitting my kids and husband in next and barely having any time for myself. The guilt was crazy and my creativity was in jeopardy. I finally made changes, and have made a drastic change in my priorities- I keep faith at the top, then my husband and my kids are next, at the bottom is my art and business. I delete my Instagram app off my phone for a few days out of the week and make sure to delegate emails and administrative work to my studio manager. Surprisingly, my business has flourished as far as sales and my creativity seems to be at an all-time high. My family is happy and I feel so much more fulfilled spiritually and personally. It’s amazing what shifting your priorities can do for your mental state! Taking the worry out of work and having true faith that it will be OK, has made me feel stronger and much more balanced!


    Tell us about the home collection. What do you hope these pieces bring to homes across the country? What was the inspiration for the collection?

    The HOME Collection has been so much fun to create! In the process of introducing my Canvas With Movement® tapestries over the years, I took the approach of styling my art in various rooms to show my followers my vision for incorporating each piece into a space. Each room that I style with the tapestries includes rad pillows, throw blankets and other accessories from my home. I would get questions regarding all the elements in the room and loved the idea of offering some of these home accents with my art, on my website. Now, with the Lauren Williams® ART + HOME Collections, you can shop ART and know that I have designed each piece from my HOME Collection to perfectly pair with the tapestries, paintings and prints. I believe in curating a truly unique home with each piece that I create and to allow the art to go beyond your walls with harmonious elements from the HOME Collection.

    When do you feel the most creative? Do you have a morning ritual?

    I call myself “an artist and an interior design lover” and I truly feel that well-designed interiors can inspire us in so many ways. Interior Designers are artists that utilize many different mediums to create their designs. When I am in a blank room, staring at a blank wall, I feel inspired. When I am in a stunning home full of rad design elements, I am inspired. I love working with Interior Designers to bring their designs full circle by creating the perfect piece of art for the space.






    Words to live by.

    Faith over fear.