• 08 - 08 - 17
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    We are FREDA: Inside the Factory

    Each pair of FREDA SALVADOR shoes is sustainably produced at a tiny family run factory, in the town of Elda, Spain. The artisans hand crafting your FREDA’s are an integral piece of our story and truly gifted at what they do. On any given day at the factory you will find, Raul & Pilar, our eyes and ears at the factory, ensuring all footwear is produced as designed, Tomas, who owns the factory and his son, Jose and then two brother Pedro & Jose. We share such a special bond with our overseas FREDA family, traveling to visit them each season to review samples, concept new designs, and of course, what’s a trip to Spain without a little paella. These trips always leave us inspired to innovate, create and bring your the next chapter of FREDA.

    Below is an inside look at our FREDA family in Spain from our most recent trip this past July.