• 08 - 24 - 17
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    Freda Girl

    FREDA Girl: Erin Kehs

    Meet our next #FREDAGIRL, part time massage therapist and full-time bad ass, Erin Kehs. We are thrilled to introduce Erin not only because she is insanely cool but also because is the first ever #FREDAGIRL applicant to be featured on our website. As a massage therapist, Erin has devoted her career is to healing others, and she doesn’t want to stop there. Her drive, passion, and authenticity makes her want to continue exploring the world of alternative medicine and what is has to offer. Free-spirited yet reflective, Erin is constantly inspired every day by her client’s life stories, but also has a great story of her own. We are excited to share her story with you!

    You are our very first FREDA Girl applicant to be selected and featured on the site! Tell us how you embody the Freda Girl. What does being a Freda Girl mean to you?

    Being a Freda Girl gives me a sense of femininity and vitality. I’ve kept up with the Freda Girls, and the women highlighted are remarkable- very strong, natural, passion-driven women. I’ve watched Freda Salvador grow and am honored to be highlighted and featured on the site! Thank you <3.

    Tell us about your journey to today. Are you doing what you always thought you would be doing?

    In short, no, I am not doing what I thought I would be doing. But, is anyone? It’s interesting to reflect. I was, and still am, very observant of others. I like learning from people’s successes and mistakes. Being a massage therapist, and working with thousands of people, I listened to a lot of individuals reflect on their life. Often times people would speak of what they wish they’d done different. After hearing vulnerable life-reflections 2+ times a day, I decided I wanted to get to know my true self early in life. I chased my dreams, which led me to South Florida. Six months post-move I started working for a start-up technology company. Very random since I am a hike-in-the-woods kind of girl that loves working with people and not computers. There is great challenge in my current career which is both humbling and constructive. I’m not doing what I thought I would be, but I’m comforted because I know this is the necessary path.

    Your greatest or most rewarding career moment to date?

    Oh gosh, so many! Although, one story really does stand out. Allow me to set the scene; Imagine you’re 18 again, and you’re not able to put your socks on. I met a young gentleman on Johns Hopkins’ pediatric oncology floor. Due to scar tissue build up, this young man had not been able to put his socks on for THREE years. Can you imagine!? As anyone would, I wanted to help. We scheduled 3 one-hour massage sessions, each a week apart. By the end of session 3, he was all loosened up and flexible enough to put his socks on. That was an incredibly rewarding day for him, his mother, and I. Three hours total and his 3 years of inflexibility were put at ease. I worked with that family for just about a year. We kept him comfortable and cared for throughout his treatment. Many very special moments, I hold them close to my heart. He’s an angel now.

    Describe Freda Salvador in three words.

    Unique. Purpose. Alluring.

    Top 3 spots locally or in the world to stay inspired.

    Inspiration #1: people that work hard and are successful in their efforts.
    Inspiration #2: bookstore-coffeehouse hybrids.
    Inspiration #3: people in pain. If I may explain: being around people in pain has always inspired me. It inspires me to find a way to help them get rid of their pain, whether it be physical or mental pain. Physical is where it started, because of my career in massage therapy, but mental pain (stress, anxiety, etc.) is prevalent in my current corporate career. Pain continues to inspire me to learn, understand.

    A quotation or saying that inspires you professionally or personally.

    “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” – Stephen Covey.