• 07 - 12 - 17
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    Freda Girl

    FREDA Girl: Tasya Van Ree

    Meet our next FREDA Girl, Hawaiin-born artist and photographer, Tasya van Ree. We have admired Tasya’s expressive work from afar for a while now and were honored to have the opportunity to work with her to capture recent FREDA Girl, Petecia LeFawnhawk . Her photographs freeze more than a moment in time, they capture the essence of the people, the landscape, the details seen and unseen, infused with romanticism, darkness, intimacy, and a certain lyrical quality. Like her work, Tasya is quietly complicated, introspective, rebellious and curious. Her style is reflective of her balanced state-of-mind, an alluring mix of masculine meets feminine one-of-kind pieces, topped by her signature hat.

    Read on about how Tasya is staying inspired in Los Angeles…

    All photography by Grey & Elle

    Tell us about your childhood, growing up in Hawaii, and journey to today. Did you always know that you wanted to be an artist?

    I was a wild child, with a very inquisitive spirit. My parents gave us the liberty of having all the freedom in the world, but also instilled a strong sense of higher understanding for our presence here in this lifetime. It was the perfect balance of experience that helped me along the way. Growing up in Hawaii was magical with an abundance of pure happiness. I still carry the love of the islands deep in my soul.

    I knew I always wanted to be creative, I just didn’t know what form it would come in or what it would look like. It transformed and manifested in many different ways. But now, I recognize the energy of being an Artist and feel very aligned with it.

    What is your first memory of making art?

    Drawing in the sand on the beaches as a kid.

    We are longtime fans of both your photography and mixed media works. Your ability to capture a feeling and moment in time is unparalleled. What has been your most memorable project and/or career moment to date?

    Women With Superpowers. It is a photo series and movement that I started with my dear friend, Nitsa Citrine. This project honors and celebrates the feminine as Artist, Activist, and Healer and has grown to include an international community of influential and inspiring women. Our vision is that through recognizing the multi-dimensional and extraordinary qualities within us, we can begin to embody our own influence and create shifts to benefit the whole planet. This project is so beautiful and profound and filled with so much love. I’m excited to see what unfolds and where it will take us!

    Where and how do you find inspiration when embarking on a new project?

    I always have to feel it in my heart. No matter what it is, if my heart skips a beat, then it’s worth pursuing.

    What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

    Believe you are infinite.


    Describe the FREDA Girl in 3 (or a few) words.

    Prolific. Sincere. Expressive.

    Words to live by.

    Anything is possible.