• 07 - 06 - 17
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    Freda Girl

    FREDA Girl: Jaclyn Ferber

    Meet out next FREDA girl, creative genius behind tenoverten polish collection and nail care salons, and our new neighbor in LA, Jaclyn Ferber. A Parsons Design School grad and former accessories designer, Jacyln’s foray into beauty was a natural transition influenced by her sister and now, business partner, Nadine Abramcyk. With tenoverten, Jaclyn and her business partners are changing the game, creating an environment where clients can escape from the day-to-day knowing they are receiving nail care that is cruelty and harsh chemical free. Her personal style is reflective of her sunny, warm disposition, a delicate mix of modern silhouettes and feminine hues with a bohemian spirit. We are thrilled to welcome Jaclyn & tenoverten to the neighborhood and couldn’t be happier to feature her as a FREDA Girl. Read more about Jacyln’s transition from fashion to beauty and the new LA salon below.

    All photography by Darcy Hemley

    Can you tell us a little about your career path. How did you get to where you are today?

    I’ve always been drawn to creative pursuits which has been the biggest driving factor in my career path. It’s also made it unexpected at times. I went to Parsons based on a fine arts portfolio and then ended up studying fashion and then getting a business degree. I found I was seeing a lot of amazingly talented friends who didn’t understand the business side of things struggle to achieve their goals. I figured I’d focus on learning and experiencing how to execute in order to support my creative side. I started out working with a luxury online accessories & gifting co. in marketing as well as overseeing the collateral programming. This gave me exposure to art directing and really figuring out how to creatively position a brand in keeping with their message. It also taught me how to look at a lot of data in analyzing partnership programming. From there I moved back into fashion designing and overseeing production for an accessories company. I learned how to deal with international production, sourcing, costing, etc all while sketching which took me back to my art roots. My production experience in fashion gave me the skills to produce so when my now partners Nadine Abramcyk (and sister) and Adair Ilyinsky approached me about joining tenoverten and creating the polish line it was an easy yes. I love the opportunity to create and moreover to create something that has so much universal usability beyond what I had experienced with fashion. Getting your nails done has the ability to make anyone feel good. I never worked in beauty before tenoverten specifically but I’ve always loved beauty products so it felt like a very natural fit. For our 1st collection I actually sat with a palette knife mixing paint colors to find the perfect 6 color collection to launch. From there the salons and the products grew together creating a unique physical experience and a non-toxic product line that speaks to that experience. Where we are today feels bigger than what I could have originally imagined. I feel like we are a part of a more meaningful journey to create breathable and beautiful nail salon experiences for our customers and employees as well as a product line that supports a safe beauty charge in a category recognized as potentially harmful.

    Who/what inspires you?

    My husband, he has a true kind heart and always thinks the best of people. He inspires me daily to give people the benefit of the doubt and to be compassionate. I was also recently deeply inspired by a regular customer at our Culver City salon named Katherine Wolf. Katherine suffered a massive brain stem stroke 9 years ago, at 26 years old with a 6 month old baby. She now has 2 kids and runs a non-profit called Hope Heals Camp which is a camp for individuals with disabilities. She last came into the salon on the 9 year anniversary of her stroke and I was almost brought to tears listening to her story and floored by her positivity and energy. That has been one of my most inspired moments, to see such a clear example of living hope.

    We’re so excited to have tenoverten as our neighbor at Culver City’s Platform. Tell us about the new space — How does it differ from your other locations?

    We’re so happy to be your neighbor! Its a perfect example of why Platform was the right fit for us. The Culver City location is our 1st salon in a retail development and it’s been amazing to be a part of a community as support in a new market. We really responded to the vision Runyon Group had for Platform and their commitment to a unique tenant mix and overall aesthetic. All of tenoverten spaces differ from each other in that the salons are not an ‘out of the box’ product. Each salon takes on some of the streetscapes and fits in with the environment so it feels unique and the experience is special. Of course our non-toxic pursuit, services, quality protocol, sterilization standards, and some key furniture are consistent across all 6 of our locations so that the brand is clear and the experience elevated in the same way. But, LA has a modern feel, a touch mid-century, an expanded safe beauty apothecary, and the option for Blue Bottle coffee delivery available from right next door.


    Can you tell us about the decision to launch a non-toxic nail polish collection? Any clean nail care myths you’d like to debunk?

    The decision was a natural evolution from the salons for us to make our own polish that was in line with the salon ethos of long-term nail health. We had the perfect test labs, the salons themselves, and first-hand feedback from customers on colors and from techs on application. We found a factory in Los Angeles that we still manufacture with who valued our wishes to formulate with a conscience and it grew from there. Now we’re really focused on our nail care as an extension of the color to treat and build healthy nails with or without polish. I think one big myth is that gels are much better than acrylics. Acrylics have the added dangers in their formulations but gels are no better in regards to long term damage to the nail bed. Gel polish is firmly adhered with extra resins which is what causes it to last for long periods of time. However this also means the removal process is associated with nail thinning, weakness, brittleness. In addition setting hands and nails under UV lights opens you up to risks that stem from this exposure and soaking them in harsh chemicals for long periods can also damage nail beds and cuticles.

    Describe your personal style. Does it inspire your creative work for tenoverten?

    My personal style has changed over the years, I went thru a mild grunge phase in high school, but at the moment I’m a bit of a classicist with a bohemian touch. I love a good pair of bell bottom jeans. I like an effortless feel and often times now when I put on high heels it doesn’t feel like me. I think running around with a toddler does that to you as well! My style inspires my work because I think feeling effortless feels natural, like you are more comfortable in your skin and ultimately that is what breeds confidence. The experience of tenoverten is about feeling relaxed, pampered, and beautiful inside and out so feeling confident and at ease speaks to the brand.

    Life mantra or motto?

    Don’t get stuck and keep moving, change is good!