• 06 - 11 - 17
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    Freda Girl

    FREDA Girl: Asha McGee

    We began the FREDA Girl series with the intention of personifying FREDA SALVADOR by featuring the women who inspire us every day. Colorful, confident, distinctive women who possess the quiet confidence to be their own muse. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our youngest FREDA Girl, meet Asha McGee. Currently, a high school student, Asha is the future of FREDA Girls around the world. She is ambitious, self-expressive and unafraid. We caught up with Asha at the SF Moma to find our what is inspiring her these days.

    Tell us about your upbringing and living with two artists as parents.

    I love having artist parents. Not only because it has shaped the way I see the world, but it has also allowed me to have so many amazing opportunities and let me travel the world which I am beyond grateful for.


    What is your passion? Are you an artist as well?

    My passion definitely lies in art, I love the way that art can spark conversation and thoughts, and inspire people. Seeing the way that people react to a piece of art is one of my favorite things.

    Tell us about high school these days? What’s the best part?

    I am very fortunate to go to an amazing high school with a wonderful community that is geared towards learning. My favorite thing about high school though is the opportunities for leadership that there are. This past year I co-lead a week-long immersive class where the students worked on one “final project” like a piece of their choice for the week. At the end, we had a show in a backroom gallery of a book shop. This class was such a success we recently turned it into a club which will continue to have shows outside of the school. Being someone who usually identifies with being shyer this opportunity was incredible for me. I got to reach out to small galleries and organize everything. This taught me about taking initiative for what I want to do and about finding creative ways to overcome difficulties.

    Have you been thinking about life after high school and what that entails for you?

    Although I try to live in the moment as much as possible, I am always thinking about my future and life after high school. I think in the future I want to work around art because it inspires me and everything I do. I think I want to work somewhere in the realm of connecting art to people because I love working with people as well.

    Is fashion important to you? Describe your style.

    Fashion is absolutely important to me. I think fashion is one of the main way of expressing yourself. It affects how you carry yourself and your confidence level. Personally, I try not to worry about what’s “trendy” at the moment and focus more on what makes me feel confident, comfortable, and happy.

    Photography by Anette Ravenhill

    Words to live by?

    I think the best words to live by are to persist. Persist: learning, growing, and improving. It can be easy to say something is “good enough” or to give up when something is hard, but the word persist reminds me to take the harder road to improve in the end.