• 05 - 11 - 17
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    Our Inspiration

    Honoring Mother’s Day

    In honor of Mother’s Day we caught up with a few of the women who inspire us to celebrate how the leading ladies in their lives have shaped who they’ve become.

    Meet Kyleigh Kuhn & her mother, Heidi Kuhn

    On the best part of working with her mother at Roots of Peace:

    “Travel! My mom has shown me the world through the lens of humanity, not vacation. My first memory of traveling with her for Roots of Peace was on my 13th birthday, when she invited me to join the US State Department mission to visit the minefields of post war Balkans.  From the mountains of Afghanistan to the jungles of Vietnam, my mother has instilled a deep compassion for humanity and gave me the tools to know how to assist communities worldwide.”

    On lessons learned:

    “The most important lesson I’ve learned from my Momma is to believe in your power and to see everyday miracles around you. Recognizing coincidences as little acts of God or the Universe or whatever your truth is paints this world in a brighter, more shimmering light and opens the door for opportunities. I’ve watched her break down barriers that everyone told her were impossible, like negotiating with both Israel and Palestine to work together to demine the Holy Lands.  Often times these huge projects are completed due to a little conversation she had with a cab driver or a store clerk who points her in the right direction.  Because she listens for these little messages, more happen and she weaves them into something truly magnificent. She believes so purely in her ability to wage peace and speaks to people from the soul, allowing for small coincidences to create huge change.  I love watching and learning her magic and hope to emulate her power.”

    Meet Robyn Berkley & her mother, Majorie Berkley

    On favorite memories with her mom:

    “I don’t have one that stands out in my mind as every moment I normally share is remembered with so much love even when we do disagree on things I always treasure her opinions. Growing up I really thought she knew everything. We are super close so there is just too many to reference. But my one of my favorite moments was when I was in the Nutcracker and having her there when I was getting makeup done and then watching me on stage her being proud of me meant everything. We always would have long lunches that I would make her take me into NYC when I was in high school and got antique boutique to get used jeans and eat Soho Kitchen on Green Street.”

    On lessons learned:

    “I was raised to be independent and hard working. The only person you can count on is yourself. And life is about dealing with the bad and the good as nothing is perfect. And as long as you are true to yourself and your wants and needs that is all that is important.”