• 05 - 12 - 17
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    Our Inspiration

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    The special relationships that we each share with our mothers has shaped the women, mothers, wives, daughters, and designers that we’ve become. We’ve experienced first hand the magic that unfolds when women are together and with FREDA SALVADOR we hope to share that magic with you.

    A favorite memory that you share with your mom growing up?

    Megan: Countless days on the beach, the soccer and hockey field, road trips, vacations; she was always there and such a big part of my life.  Favorite (somewhat recent) memory was her holding my daughter Piper for the first time. It was the sweetest moment.

    Cristina: Too many to choose from. My mom has always been such an influential person for me when it comes to fashion and design. I joke that she still dresses me because she kind of does even at 32. In the end, I always find myself asking “would she approve?” She’s worked for incredible brands and has always had a gift of styling, mixing colors, fit, shapes right for you, etc. Most of my favorite memories with my mom are of shopping, having lunch, getting dressed together, going through her clothing archives and playing dress up.

    She’s always been so fun and free! Growing up we would have sleepovers and invite 10 or more girls. She’d host “girl nights” of music, dance parties, dress up, relay races, we’d bake treats and end up in food fights… just good old fashion fun. She’s has such a beautiful radiant spirit and that people gravitate towards.

    Life lesson you’ve learned from her?

    Megan: To be selfless and kind.  She is the most generous and thoughtful person I know.  She doesn’t mess around though either, which I love.  She doesn’t compromise her opinions or beliefs and that strength has taught be a lot; to stick up for myself and also Piper.

    Cristina: She’s always emphasized the power of thought and manifestation. To truly believe something, paint the picture of your life, and success will follow.

    Anything you’ve learned from your mom that you hope to share with your children as they grow up?

    Megan: To be a confident individual and be true to yourself.  I was definitely her kid that “marched to the beat of a different drummer” and she celebrated that. I had the courage and confidence to be myself. I want that for Piper so much.

    Cristina: To be confident. If you feel it on the inside, you’ll show it on the outside.

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