• 05 - 26 - 17
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    Freda Girl

    FREDA GIRL: Raven Roxanne

    Meet our next #FREDAGirl abstract and impressionist painter, Raven Roxanne. In person, Raven is just as captivating as her work. Her bohemian personal style and vibrant spirit are reflective of her artistic practice, thoughtfully pairing color and texture to build intrigue and create a conversation with her audience. We love how Raven is using her medium to share messages of empowerment, encouragement and build a community that thrives on the strength of women and celebrates imperfection. She embodies our FREDA Girl.

    We caught up with Raven at her sunny Charleston, SC studio, read what she has to say…

    Tell us about your creative path and what brings you here today?

    My parents have owned an American Craft Gallery for 40 years and my mom is an artist, so I grew up in her studio and in the gallery. I went to school for art and worked in a creative job right out of school. I finally made my way to Charleston, started painting, and decided to make a career out of it.

    Photography by Olivia Rae James

    You just released a new series, ‘Ladies in conversation,’ can you tell us about your inspiration and why this series is sho special to you?

    I’m very inspired by daily interactions with people, and’ Ladies in conversation’ is inspired by the support I find through just sitting and having a conversation with girlfriends. I spend a lot of time meeting my friends for coffee and talking about life, so it felt natural to capture those sweet, special moments in my work.

    What is your relationship with fashion, do you have a daily uniform?

    I love fashion. I dress for my mood, so I don’t have a daily uniform. In the studio, I wear a lot of denim. In my daily life, my outfits are flowy yet structured. I like to think of it as modern hippy.

    Do you have any advice for others on looking to taking the leap into work independently?

    Yes, find a supportive community. Ask a lot of questions. Don’t ignore business advice.

    Life motto or words to live by?

    Two mottos I like to live by. One, embrace the discomfort because if you’re comfortable you are not growing. Two, find your smile.

    Photography by Olivia Rae James