• 01 - 14 - 16
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    Freda Girl





    Our next FREDA Girl is singer/songwriter Lia Ices. We were recently introduced to Lia at our San Francisco store when she was picking out shoes for her rehearsal dinner. She is one of those people that you meet and feel an instant friendship. She is warm, interesting, and has incredible personal style, that is both elegant and casual in the most admirable way. We have so much respect for her talent as a musician and her thoughts about her career choice…”Making music is the most mysterious profound journey. I’m consistently in a state of discovery – challenged, in love, and expanding. this makes me feel FREE.”

    (Fun fact: Lia was recently married to Andrew Mariani of Scribe winery, a favorite of FREDA)

    See below images of Lia at her home and recording studio on moon mountain in Sonoma, check out
    some of her music videos and read the Q+A


    Lia Ices: “Higher” from PublicNotice Design on Vimeo.

    Lia Ices’ “Creature” by Tom Jean Webb – NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.

    What do you love most about your career?
    Making music is the most mysterious profound journey. I’m consistently in a state of discovery – challenged, in love, and expanding. this makes me feel FREE.

    When you hear the word STYLE – who or what is the first thing that comes to mind?
    If you are intuitive and honest about it, it will be believed.

    What’s inspiring you right now?
    The California poet, Robinson Jeffers.

    When are you most creative?
    Living on a mountain has a specific feeling of deep peace and power that i think i will follow for the rest of my life. You’re in the clouds. To live in nature enables a deeper creativity and joy in both my work and domestic vibes. My daily work flow is always changing, but lately I really like going into the studio in the morning. The energy of the sun is very powerful, the day is beginning and full of potential.Daily uniform?
    This fall I can’t get enough with the turtlenecks ! They’re so versatile and i find them really elegant. Great for layering or on their own. I like tucking my hair into the neck and putting on a carhartt beanie (or feather headdress) before walking to the studio.What are five everyday items you cannot live without?
    Palo Santo

    Best advice ever given…
    Not exactly advice, but this Herman Hesse line is always with me:
    “while singing you don’t wonder whether or not singing is useful; you sing. that is how you pray.”