• 09 - 14 - 15
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    Freda Girl

    Freda Girl: Aleksandra Zee

    If you don’t know Aleksandra Zee, then you should. She is a woodworker and artist based in San Francisco, who we stumbled upon 2 years ago at the West Coast Craft Fair. Her art is inspired by Native American textiles, where she “weaves” wood into intricate patterns.

    “The colors and textiles of the desert truly inspire my soul. I find myself gravitating to natural color hues and designs that I have brought back with me from antique Native American textiles that I fell madly in love with.” Aleksandra Zee

    Aleksandra is one beautiful, badass, creative woman who we could not wait to make a Freda Girl. She embodies the essence of what inspires us – daring, self-expressive, confident and casual ease in her day-to-day life. We were so grateful to be able to visit her studio and ask her a few questions.

    Read Q&A with Aleksandra below.

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    images by Melissa McArdle

    Do you believe an artist carries their personal aesthetic footprint into every aspect of their lives (re: fashion, work, decor, etc.)?

    Yes. I bring my creative style, and mind and what I am drawn to in every single aspect of my life. My home reflects my need for freedom and space and a clear mind. My workroom is clean, simple and durable. And when it comes to my work it all gathers together to form what I make.

    When you hear the word STYLE – who or what is the first thing that comes to mind?

    Style to me is functional and makes you feel good. Confidence is what i think of when it come to style, owning who you are and having confidence in that is style.

    What’s inspiring you right now?

    Right now, I am so inspired by traveling. I love seeing and being impacted by the world around me.

    When are you most creative?

    I am most creative when I am meal tally open and free. Being present with my material is the only way creativity feels genuine to me.

    Daily uniform?

    Denim on denim on denim

    What are five everyday items you cannot live without?

    My man and my pup, my denim shop coat, a bottle of water and some coffee.

    Best advice ever given….




    MAKERS PORTRAITS / ALEKSANDRA ZEE video from Vanessa Mona Hellmann on Vimeo.